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Veronica is tired of seeing the same boring dream over and over. The exit is right here, but is there a key to it?


What did Veronica dream of? is a small puzzle game. Use your common sense in order to proceed.


If you are sensitive to depictions of blood, gore, body horror or (and) sudden sounds/images, please proceed with caution.

Updated 6 days ago
Published 9 days ago
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Dark, Female Protagonist, Horror, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Short
Average sessionAbout an hour
AccessibilitySubtitles, High-contrast


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I'm losing my mind in the library! I need some way to tell what I'm doing wrong or I'm will never figure it out. I'm guessing it is what I currently need to solve, but even that I'm not sure. Maybe I should be calling somebody? I tried calling Cutter but no response...

Here are my suppositions:

  1. L should be placed in the bottom row so that you can "keep a close eye on underage readers".
  2. L should not be adjacent to C or E, because they are "upsetting" and "unfriendly" to underage readers.
  3. C and E should be as close to the entrance as possible, because they are "what people want to find in a library" and you have to "make sure the most demanded books are easiest to reach". They cannot however be both on the bottom row, because one would have to be adjacent to L.
  4. H should be placed on the same shelf as the phone book.

I also think related books should be adjacent to "put related things together", but I'm not sure how to group them. I'm gessing: O and B / P and A / C, T and E(??)

The game seems good; visually it is very distinct and nice, and I like the mood of it. I also think it got very obtuse very fast :/

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Please, don't lose your mind!
There's a hint: in order to call somebody, you need to use a coin.  Maybe this is that you've been missing? The person in the greenhouse can help you with that.

I'm sorry to hear you got stuck and hope I could help ._____.

Edited: I wrote down major hints and put the file in the download section.

Oooh, so that's why I can ask people for spare change... for the phone... It makes sense. I'm curious to know how obvious it is for other players. Was it supposed to be a puzzle? 

I think maybe "Make a call" is a bit too ambiguous. Maybe the coin slot could be more obvious, or the character could make a comment.

I thought I tried every option with the greenhouse girl, but I'll try again later. Thanks for the help :)

Thank you for your feedback :)

I was going for the 'show, don't tell' kind of thing, but I guess I'm not that good at it.

I think I found a bug(?) It looks like using the gray key on the downstairs door transforms it into an exit key.

I played for a little while again, looped a few times. I imagine there's a real ending somewhere and I haven't found it.

I did solve a few problems by myself, but gave up at some point. In retrospect most of the puzzles make sense, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone else could figure it all out without help. I couldn't :/ (I say "most" because I don't understand the answer to the "how do flowers breathe" question. Isn't the first choice the actual right answer?)

I'm a bit upset that the puzzle I spent the most time on is fake... I get the idea though, and I did try to call Cutter in my first session so it almost worked. I think that with puzzle games you have to be extremely careful about misleading the player, so doing it intentionally is like playing with fire.

I don't want to understate what I like though. The art, the audio(especially the librarian voice!), the overall mood, the variety and the dialogs... all great.

Turns out plants actually breathe... I was thinking of photosynthesis. I learned something today.

Glad there's something you did find enjoyable. (Especially the dialogs... my greatest enemy).

I understand, that 'misleading' the player is a dicey solution. But! The misunderstanding comes from depending on logic (puzzle game thinking) instead of common sense (real life thinking). Which is pretty funny, don't you think? Since it's not the most natural way of thinking. And since the main theme is 'information'.... Sometimes there is too many, sometimes there is too little and sometimes you know everything you need... but don't realize it.

The thing with the key is not a bug. I mean, there's even a cg for it :)